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Here's What People are Saying About Us...

I am thrilled that we were referred to the Scranton Music Academy when I was looking for voice lessons for my daughter. It is a creatively charged, inspiring environment where people of all ages are coming and going with various instruments in hand. The halls are filled with the sound of beautiful music. The staff are extremely kind and friendly—in addition to being talented and knowledgeable. After a few weeks of voice lessons, my daughter expressed an interest in learning to play guitar which she will be starting next week. Once my younger daughter is old enough, she too, will be taking music classes here. Great prices and great people—this is money well spent for skills my daughter will take with her on her musical journey.

 Danielle D., Scranton, PA

The Scranton Music Academy is everything my daughter and I were hoping for, and more... Her teacher is kind and encouraging, and a perfect match for her personality and learning style. Her skills have improved tremendously in just a few short weeks, and though I didn't think her passion for music could be any greater, it has been fueled as well!

Angela S., Scranton, PA

As a high school band director, I always suggest the Scranton Music Academy as the perfect place to supplement and expand upon the music lessons my students receive in school. Through working with the professionals at the academy, I know that my students are becoming more well-rounded musicians, thus helping both my program improve and my students become the best that they can be.

Mike Lesnesky, Valley View High School Band Director

My daughter takes singing lessons and couldn't be happier. Very nice and professional staff. Highly recommend!

Colleen R., Scranton, PA

I have been bringing my nephew for piano lessons for close to 2 years. The staff is always pleasant and my nephew is learning so much from his piano instructor!

Yolanda Battaglia, Scranton, PA

I think SMA is Great! The teachers are wonderful, very dedicated to their students. My son enjoys his piano and guitar lessons.

Barb Gateveskas, Mt. Cobb, PA

SMA has been an excellent experience for my children to learn about music. The instructors are excellent and the opportunities to perform at the recitals is an added experience. The office staff and Jack have helped me to make the scheduling and other opportunities such as summer camp easy to coordinate. SMA is a wonderful resource for families with varied musical interests.

Tanja Adonizio, Clarks Summit, PA

I like the personalities of the teachers... they bring out the best in their students. My daughter was taking lessons for several years with someone else, was not improving and was considering quitting the violin. After only 1 month here, not only did she re-ignite her passion for the violin, but she showed more improvement in that 1 month than in the 2 years with her other teacher.

Down Side... You ignited such a passion for music that in one year she has added flute, piccolo, guitar and piano to her list of instruments she plays! ;-)

Cathy Frankovsky, Nicholson, PA

My daughter loves her voice lessons at SMA . Her teacher's energetic and supportive teaching style brings out her best. Family and friends love to see her get better with every recital. Her voice lessons have helped her get better parts in musical theater productions. Recently, she has even begun cantoring at our church. At SMA she is a happy and confident student!

Chris Snyder, Madison Twp., PA

SMA is a great music school with a great owner and staff. My 7 year old daughter, Isabella, has a wonderful teacher. She has been taking lessons for the past two years. Her teacher is a professional, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. She is always well-prepared and her lessons are well-structured. Bella is learning piano and violin and her teacher has just the right amount of patience and strictness to keep Bella learning and motivated. I highly recommend the Scranton Music Academy.

Christine Brunetti, Jessup, PA

The instructors for my children's piano and violin lessons are knowledgeable and professional. My girls have improved tremendously in their musical skills.

Bruce Wisenburn, Clarks Summit

I am so impressed with your school. It was a MUCH needed resource in Scranton and your teachers are really making a difference.

Cheryl Mozdian, Former Band Director, Abington Heights High School

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