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May 2017
SMA Newsletter

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Scranton Music Academy 

May 2017 Newsletter 

Thank You Northeast PA, for Voting Us
"Best Place for Music Lessons in NEPA Family Magazine!"
Family Favorite Awards 2016
Our students and their parents are what makes us great!

Dear Students & Parents,

As the Director of Scranton Music Academy, I am constantly focused on improving your lesson experience with us. We want to give you the best possible music lesson experience!  We are currently teaching around 340 quality music lessons each week!

Our Musical Ladder System is a hit with our students!  Our students and parents are loving the wristbands and trophies. This is a proven system that helps our students get excited about their music lessons, and helps keep parents informed as to how their kids doing.  Our students will be rewarded with wristbands and trophies as they practice their way through the different levels!  And best of all it's FREE!  No extra charges!  It's all included in your monthly tuition!

Referral Contest!!!  See who won the Amazon Echo! 
Check it out below!
How would you like to win a brand new Amazon Echo?  Check out our New Referral Contest!

Make sure you pick up your Student Discount Cards!  They'll save you time & money!  See the info below!

To help make our piano make-up classes more efficient, we recently purchased 6 new keyboards!

Get good grades and win a FREE month of lessons!  Keep reading for all the details!

We are growing! 
We're Open for the Summer!
We are now teaching about 340 students each week!   More than we ever have before!
Many teacher's schedules are filled and many others are getting close to full.  Remember...  SMA is open all summer.  We're almost operating at full capacity.  If you stop lessons for the summer, there's a good chance you won't get your teacher and spot back in the fall!  If you love your teacher and your time slot, then take advantage of our unlimited summer makeups!  Ask the office for details.

At Scranton Music Academy we are always striving to give you the best music lesson experience possible! 

Jack Martin
Director, Scranton Music Academy

Welcome to Our New
(and returning) Students!
Welcome to our 94 new students who have enrolled so far for 2017!

Robert F.
Aneesh L.
Kyle G.
Milena A.
Amber O.
Christopher S.
Daniel V.
Elizabeth R.
Evan B.
Greyson D.
James M.
Jefferey B.
Maggie S.
Paige N.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca T.
Addy M.
Ambrielle K.
Annabelle S.
Brett B.
Brooke B.
Hayden F.
Jesa M.
Kiley H.
Susanna K.
Paris S.
Malania S.
David D.
Steele R.
Michael T.
Michael J.
Daniel B.
Zaniya G.

Tristan W.
Tyler M.
Zane W.
Alexis B.
Caleb K.
Hailey D.
Joanne C.
Sean B.
William C.
Anthony B.
Dylan K.
Josie S.
Paige C.
Randy R.
Ruthie S.
Alyssa N.
Chloe O.
Dhruv S.
Jason M.
Max D.
Sam C.
Baylee F.
Danny H.
Itche V.
Samantha D.
Mark S.
Caden K.
Emily D.
Tierney J.
Lauden M.
Bailea U.
Max K.

Tabitha B.
Alexis H.
Patrick S.
Kevana S.
Lisa R.
Paige J.
Brittany J.
Danielle K.
Noah T.
Stephen Z.
Holly F.
Jayden L.
Angelina P.
Joshua C.
Liam M.
Makenzie L.
Mia S.
Ryan C.
Joan L.
Ryder S.
Gabby S.
Peyton C.
Isabella G.
Cordelia G.
Jene L.
Josiah M.
Eugene L.
Bonnie Jo Y.
Patrick M.
Kate L.
ChaCha L.
Nicole N.

Are you going to win a brand new Amazon Echo?   
We Love Referrals Amazon Echo
We Love Referrals

If you refer a friend or non-family member* to Scranton Music Academy, and if they sign up before March31st, 2017 we will enter you and your friend into our next raffle for a brand new Amazon Echo!

  • You will receive your choice of either a $25 lesson certificate or a free lesson on any instrument.
  • Your friend will receive the same.
  • You will both be entered into a quarterly drawing for great prizes including concert tickets, iPads, Apple Watches and more!

    We'll post the latest results in the newsletters, on YouTube and in the office.  So keep checking in to see if you win.
Next Raffle Drawing for an Amazon Echo will be held on March 31st, 2017
Thanks to everyone who has referred their friends to SMA in the past!

Non-Students are encouraged and welcome to participate.

*Immediate family members and members of the same household are not eligible for the referral program, but are eligible for free registration fees and up to 40% off retail.  Please contact the office for details.*
Hayley S. was the winner of the latest Referral Contest Drawing.
She won a $25 retail certificate and a brand new Amazon Echo!
Congratulations Hayley
Thansk for the Referral!

Celebrating Student Achievement!

Scranton Music Academy is the only music school in the Scranton area that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), AND trophies for passing musical tests with the Musical Ladder System®. Do other schools offer motivational rewards? Maybe. But none of them inspire their students with smiling faces by giving them full color, really cool “Musical Ladder System®” wristbands that they can show off to their friends. More importantly when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins!




Student Discount Cards 
Scranton Music Academy is proud to provide our students with VIP Student Discount Cards!  The cards will save our students money on all of their music supply needs all throughout the year.  All of our current students can pick up their student discount card at the office.  Just ask at the front desk!
As a convenience to our students and their parents, the Academy now sells music lesson books, some beginner instruments and accessories.  Now you can pick up your lesson books at the school.  No more running around or having to go online to order them.  This will save you time and money! 

You will get a discount of...

1 lessons per week = 10% off retail items
2 lessons per week (or 1 hour) = 20% off retail items
3 lessons per week = 30% off retail items
4 lesson or more per week = 40% off retails items

Special thanks to Tom Ferranti of After Image Recording Studios!
Present your VIP Student Discount Card at After Image Studios and Tom is giving students of Scranton Music Academy a great price for studio  recording time!
Regular Price: $45/Hour
SMA Discounted Price: $25/Hour
Just Give Tom a call at 570-228-1123 to book your studio time!

  Report Card  
At Scranton Music Academy 
WE want YOU to do GREAT in School!

If you get all A's & B's, we will reward you with a $10 Retail Certificate good towards any books, supplies or gadgets we carry in our retail shop.

In addition, if you maintain a B average or higher, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Month of lessons! (That's a $100 value!)

We value excellent academic performance and want to help encourage
every student to work hard to succeed in school! 
Just show us your report card!

To enter bring a copy of your report card to Scranton Music Academy or you can scan it and e-mail it to us at:
Girl Holding Prize
Alexis was the winner of the last Report Card Contest Drawing.
She won a $10 retail certificate and a FREE MONTH of lessons worth $100.00!
Congratulations Alexis!

Big Dates for 2017!
Please mark your calendar for these important dates...
 2017 Holidays / School Closed
  • All Sundays (Except for Recital Sundays)
  • New Year's Day - January 1, 2017
  • Spring/Easter Break - April 13, 14 &15, 2017
  • Memorial Day - May 29, 30 & 31 2017
  • 4th of July/Summer Break - July 3-July 8, 2017
  • Labor Day - September 4 & 5, 2017
  • Thanksgiving - November 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2017
  • Holiday Break - December 25, 2017 - January 1, 2018

2017 Recitals

(Recital Dates Are Tentative)

June 4, 2017 | Spring Recital

December 3, 2017 | Holiday Recital

Reminder:  You are not billed for any day that the school is scheduled closed. 

How do the recitals work?  


THE RECITALS ARE FREE!  There are NO participation fees and NO admission fees!  You can bring as many friends and family members as you want!      

One of the many benefits of being a SMA student, is that we host recitals every 6 months (June and December). When you perform at the recital, you really want to have something great prepared to play. It will make the recital experience a success for you that will enhance your development instead of impeding it. If you or your child are not quite ready to perform, don't worry, there's another recital right around the corner, no more than 6 months away. If you are interested in performing, please talk to your teacher asap.


I look forward to another great round of recitals in June. The June recitals will be held on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th.

Sataurday, June 3rd and/or Sunday, June 4th.

Check your email!  You will be emailed your day and recital time.

30 minutes prior to your performance time. If you perform at 2 p.m., arrive at 1:30 p.m., etc.

Each recital lasts approximately 1 hour.  It is designed so that you can leave after you or your child perform. *Please do not leave during the 1-hour set. As a courtesy to all of the performers, please watch the entire program as we want every student to have the same amount of respect from the audience.

Step By Step Dance Studio.  Right next door to Scranton Music Academy!

Dress to impress! Black pants or skirts and white button up shirts or tops. Suits and more formal dresses are also welcome.

1. Your sheet music if you use it. 2. Guitarists and bassists, bring your guitars and basses. We will provide amps and cables for you. 3. Drummers, bring your sticks. 4. Vocalists and pianists only need to bring their music and or lyrics if needed.

Yes. Please do not take pictures while the students are performing as it may distract them. You are welcome to take photos as they take their bow before and after they perform.

The recital is free and open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. We will collect optional donations of socks and/or gloves for homeless people. One of our students collects socks for the homeless each year at Christmas time.  I thought it would be nice to give his collection efforts a boost this year!  Since the Academy provides all of our recitals for free to our students and their families, donations to help the homeless are encouraged and appreciated.

I have tried to place all siblings in the same 1-hour program. If your family members are not in the same time slot e-mail and I will correct it for the program.

There are no participation fees, except for voice students who need an accompanist.  If you know a pianist that could play for you, you may bring that person to accompany you. Please let your teacher know if this is the case. If you are in need of an accompanist, we can provide a professional accompanist for a nominal fee. 

Please be aware that typically accompanist fees can range up to $100 per hour. SMA is fortunate to have pianists who will provide their services at an extremely reasonable fee of $25.00 per student for a rehearsal and the showcase. Voice students will be responsible for paying the $25 fee directly to the accompanist at the time of the rehearsal.  Since your teacher will be at your rehearsal, this will count as one of your lessons.
Questions?  Give the office a call.  570-343-9051

Jack Martin, SMA Director

Is Your Teacher Sold Out?  Teachers with Waiting Lists... 

Many teachers schedules have sold out!
If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact our office staff and they can add you to the waiting list.
If you are not a student here yet, teachers do have limited lesson spots available.  But the prime spots are almost sold out!

To inquire about openings, give us a call at 570-343-9051 or send an e-mail to
Chris L. • Tuesdays: SOLD OUT Thursdays: ONE SPOT LEFT.
Rick S. • Saturdays: ONE SPOT LEFT.

Chris C. • Mondays: ONE SPOT LEFT. Tuesday: ONE SPOT LEFT. Wednesdays & Thursdays: SOLD OUT.
Robbie W. • Mondays: ONE SPOT LEFT.
John L. • Mondays 3:00-7:00: SOLD OUT.

Annetta S. • Mondays: ONE SPOT LEFT. Tuesdays: 3:00-8:00 SOLD OUT, Lunch Time Lessons Available.
Thursday: 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. ONLY 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE. Fridays: SOLD OUT. Saturdays: 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. SOLD OUT.
Jess D. • Mondays: 3:00-7:30 ONE SPOT AVAILABLE. Tuesdays: 2:00-8:00 ONE SPOT AVAILABLE. Wednesdays: 3:00-8:00 SOLD OUT. Thursdays: 3:00-8:00 ONE SPOT AVAILABLE. Fridays: SOLD OUT.

Please contact the office for details regarding available lesson times: 570-343-9051

Student of the Month!
SMA Student of the Month!
Anna D. 
1. What Instrument do you play? Guitar
2. How long have you been taking lessons here at SMA? Since June 2016
3. What is your favorite food? Cheeseburger
4. What is the coolest thing you learned in the last month? To actually play songs
5. Who is your favorite artist? Frank Sinatra
6. What are you working on for the recital? Wild Nights by Van Morrison
Anna is doing a great job and loving her guitarlessons! Keep up the good work Anna!

And Thanks for referring your friend to Scranton Music Academy!  We value your referrals.
Anna is doing a great job and loving his guitar lessons!

Keep up the good work Anna!